Alexa, or also known as Amazon Alexa, in an AI or a virtual assistant created by Amazon. It is used in Amazon Echo Dot speakers and Amazon Echo, which are both developed by Amazon Lab126.

On the other hand, the Amazon Echo is the one who allows you to connect with Alexa. It’s a smart speaker and you can do a lot of things with it. Through the Amazon Echo, you can command Alexa to make to-do lists, stream podcasts, voice interaction, play audiobooks, music playback, and provide sports, traffic, weather, and real-time information, including news. It also uses itself as a home automation system to control several smart devices.

However, you might not want to use your Amazon Echo as much if you don’t like saying the name Alexa all day. So, to prevent this from happening, here’s how you can change Alexa’s name using a free app.


Change Alexa’s Name Using a Free App

1. On your mobile phone or tablet, open the Alexa App. If you’re using your OC, you can also go to

2. Tap the menu. It’s the icon at the upper left corner. It has three horizontal lines.

3. Click “Settings”. Choose “Device Settings” afterward.

4. Select the Echo device that you want to change.

5. Scroll down until you see “Wake Word” from the options list.

6. New name options will be given to you. Tap on it.

7. Choose the name that you want to use. You can only choose between Computer, Echo, or Amazon.


Change Alexa’s Name Using Your Voice

Follow the steps above if you want to change their names if you have other Echo devices at home. If you don’t want to log in to the app, you can still change Alexa’s name on your Amazon Echo device. Here’s how to change it by using your voice:

1. Say “Alexa. Can we change your name?”

2. Alexa will then give you an option and lets you choose a new wake word. You can set the wake word as Computer, Echo, or Amazon.

3. Respond and say the new name that you want. Remember that it might take a few seconds before everything sets up. Until your device updates, you can still use the old wake word.


Change Alexa’s Name Using A Fire Tablet

Alexa is used not only for an Echo device but for 4th generation and the newer generation of Fire tablets. Follow the steps below so you can change Alexa’s name using your Fire tablet.

1. In your tablet, Alexa Hands-Free should be enabled.

2. While in the Home screen of your tablet, swipe down from the top.

3. Tap the “settings” or the icon with gear design.

4. Choose Alexa. Choose Wake Word afterward.

5. Chang its name by tapping to Amazon. You should remember that the device needs to be connected to the internet in order to change the name of your Amazon Echo device. Connect it to your Wifi before making any changes so everything will be saved.

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