Most people think that they need a desktop or a personal computer just to change the name and password of their Wifi, but the truth is, it’s just a little misconception. You can actually change your Wifi name and password with the use of any devices, you just have to make sure that it can be connected to the internet.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to change your Wifi name and password.


The Basics

Before you start, here are a few basics that you should have.

  • Your current password and username.
  • The Wifi router’s IP address. If you don’t know where to find the IP address in your Mac, check out our How-To guide about it.


Our How-To Guide

You can change your Wifi name and password using any device, once you have both the information above. Here’s our How-To guide:

1. In a search bar of any type of web browser, enter your router’s IP address. You can use Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome. If your computer happened to have the Edge software, you can also use it, too. Make sure that the network you’re trying to access is the same.

2. Hit return.

3. Enter the password and username of your router when a pop-up screen appears. Take note that the router’s information isn’t the same as your Wifi password and username. There are several passwords and usernames that you can try if you have never gone into your router. Your username can be “root”, ” admin”, or none, depending on what type of router you have. The same goes for the router password. Once you have it, write it down on a notebook or a piece of paper so in case you forget it, you’ll have a note.

4. Sign In by entering the existing username and password of your Wifi.

Look for the “Wireless Settings”. Try to look for “Security Settings” if you can’t find another one. The name of the settings depends on what type of router you have.

5. Enter your desired Wifi password and username. Click “Apply”.

Your password may be under:

  • Passphrase
  • WPA-PSK Key
  • WPA2 PSK Key
  • Wireless Key

Your username may be under:

  • SSID

Take note that these depend on what type of router you have in your home and the type of network security you have in your device.

6. Make sure that the changes you’ve made were applied by checking your system preferences. Also, make sure to write the updated username and password of your Wifi so when you forget it, you won’t have any problems.

After changing your Wifi username and password, your internet connection will go down for a while. Rebooting your router is necessary so you can regain your Wifi connection. Upon reconnection, you have to input your new username and password so you can become connected again.

The devices that were connected in your Wifi previously will be disconnected automatically when you change your password and username. Reconnect each device manually and input the new Wifi password and username.