Make your regular home appliances smarter by using smart plugs. They can also be synced in your Amazon Echo device if you want to add voice control to manage each of your appliances. Connect your smart plug to your Alexa device now. Here’s a step by step guide.


What Is It?

A smart plug lets you control device you plug into it with your echo device or phone and it’s a device that plugs into your wall outlet. You can simply instruct Alexa on what to do to appliances with smart plugs. For instance, if you tell Alexa to turn off your lamp, the lamp will automatically turn off if it’s plugged into a smart plug. Morning coffee will not be a problem either if you put a smart plugin your coffee maker. You just have to tell Alexa to schedule to turn on the coffee maker before waking up.


What Can It Do?

You can ask Alex to control your non-smart appliances when you connect a smart plug to your Amazon Echo.

Pair a smart plug with Alexa, follow the steps below.


How To Connect

1. Into and outlet, plug your smart plug.

2. Download the smart plug’s app. Search the name of your smart plug’s manufacturer or device so you can find the proper app on the Google Play Store or the App Store. Some smart devices have very different names with apps so make sure to download the correct app. Your instructions should have information about what app should be downloaded if you aren’t sure which one to download.

3. Set up your smart plug. Most smart plug apps require owners to log in their smart plug with a password and username, so remember what password and username you will be using. Find your device in the app and set it up by following the instructions. It might instruct you to push a physical button until a light comes out or begins to flash, which will be discovered or recognized by the app when you set it up.

You still have to set it up with Alexa after you set up your smart plug in the app.

4. Launch the Alexa App.

5. Tap Menu on the Alexa app, which looks like three horizontal lines located in the top left corner.

6. Choose Skills and Games.

7. Search for your smart plug skill by tapping the magnifying glass. Search for your company name or device name. See how many downloads it has before selecting to make sure that the skill you will be downloading is correct. It could be the wrong app if it only has a few downloads.

8. Tap Enable to Use once you’ve found the correct skill.

9. Set up your smart plug by continuing to follow instructions. Additional steps may be taken while setting up and enabling your smart plug, just follow all the instructions listed. Mostly, you will be asked to provide or link the account you’ve made in the app to the Alexa Skill and let Alexa discover your device.

10. A notification saying “Smart plug is set up and ready” will show up in the Alexa app. This is the notification that all the set up is done.