Did you know that any Amazon device records everything it hears and that an Amazon Echo device listens to you when you talk to Alexa?

According to Amazon, they are keeping records and listens to their Amazon Echo because these methods are an integral part to improve the smart speaker products they are offering today and those that they will be offering in the future.

Amazon Echo devices, together with the smart virtual assistant Alexa, can help a lot of people. It offers convenience, entertainment, knowledge, and more. However, knowing that they record and listen to their users is still a little alarming because it’s a privacy concern.

That is why Amazon recordings and history should be deleted regularly if you don’t want Amazon to record all the things you say. Here is the step by step procedure on how to stop Alexa from recording everything you say and entirely delete Alexa history.


What is Alexa?

Alexa, or also known as Amazon Alexa, in an AI or a virtual assistant created by Amazon. It is used in Amazon Echo Dot speakers and Amazon Echo, which are both developed by Amazon Lab126.

On the other hand, the Amazon Echo is the one who allows you to connect with Alexa. It’s a smart speaker and you can do a lot of things with it.

Through the Amazon Echo, you can command Alexa to make to-do lists, stream podcasts, voice interaction, play audiobooks, music playback, and provide sports, traffic, weather, and real-time information, including news. It also uses itself as a home automation system to control several smart devices.


Does Alexa Really Listen To You?

Yes, Alexa really listens to everything you say. Our recommendation to keep your privacy secure is to delete the recording history of your Amazon Echo device and turn off the recording.


Guide To Turn Off The Recording

When you purchase any Amazon Echo device, the recording will be turned on automatically by default. It will start recording once the wake word of Alexa has been said. This is actually convenient for a lot of us. However, it also has its cons and one of the biggest disadvantages of using Alexa is that your privacy will be at risk.

Once you start talking and Alexa hears the wake word, she starts to record everything that you say. Other than that, Amazon employees can access all the data or information you’ve said when you say the wake word. Turn the settings off by following the guide below.

 1. Open the Alexa app on your phone or computer.

 2. Look for the menu button, which is a three-horizontal line icon. Once done, click it and go to Settings.

 3. In the Settings menu, tap the Alexa Privacy.

 4. Look for the button that says “Manage how your data improves Alexa. Click it.

 5. Scroll down and you will see two options with toggle buttons in it. Slide the toggle button to the left to turn it off. These two toggle buttons have texts saying “Use messages to improve transcriptions” and “Help develop new features”.

 6. Click the Turn Off button to finish.


Guide to Delete Alexa History

Prior to today, the Amazon Echo device has a record of all the things you said to Alexa if you have just turned the recordings off. Delete the history of your conversations with Alexa and protect your privacy. Here’s a step by step guide on how to delete the history on Alexa:

 1. Open the Alexa app on your phone or computer.

 2. Look for the menu button, which is a three-horizontal line icon. Once done, click it and go to Settings.

 3. In the Settings menu, tap the Alexa Privacy.

 4. Look for the button that says Review Voice History. Click it. Once done, a list of commands will appear. These commands are the commands you’ve told Alexa since you’ve got your Amazon Echo device.

 5. Select all the recordings that you want to be removed or deleted. Click the Date Range, if you want to entirely delete the history of your voice commands. Look for the All History option located at the drop-down menu and tap it.

 6. Look for the All Recordings for All History button and tap it. A pop-up will appear on your screen, confirming if you really want to delete all your recordings and warning you that your experience with the device might degrade.

 7. Once you’ve decided everything, just click the Yes button. If you changed your mind, just click No.


Erase Recordings Using Browser

You can also use your web browser to delete the recordings on the Alexa app. Here is the step by step guide that you should follow:

 1. On amazon.com/myx, go to the Amazon Device and Content Page. Sign in your Amazon account using your email and password.

 2. Look for the Devices tab. It is located under the search bar at the top of the window. Click it. A list of devices will appear. Find your device in it.

 3. When you’ve found your device, click on the box next to it. Once done, click the Delete Voice Recordings. A pop-up message will appear, asking if you really want to delete your recordings. Just click Delete to continue.


Erase Recordings Using Voice Commands

Alexa will continue to record everything you say and she won’t stop just because you deleted all the voice recordings in your Amazon Echo. That is why you have to regularly check and delete your voice recordings. If you want a faster way to delete them, use voice commands instead. Here is the step by step guide to enable the voice command:

 1. Open the Alexa app from your computer or phone.

 2. Go to the Menu and look for the Settings option.

 3. Click the Alexa Privacy in the Settings option.

 4. Once done, tap the option that says Review Voice History.

 5. A pop-up will show, asking if you want to enable the deletion by voice. Click Enable to proceed.

Keeping your private conversations secure and out of large corporations is more important than convenience. Yes, Alexa and Amazon Echo are very convenient to use but you should also know the downside of using them. Regularly delete the recordings on Alexa using the guides above to keep your information and conversations secure and private.