Without your IP address, the internet will not know where your packets of information will be sent. Just like your home address, your packages won’t be delivered in your home if the mailman doesn’t know what your exact address is. That is why it’s very important to find and know your Mac’s IP address, especially if you want to change your security preferences or the username and password of your Wifi.


Our How-To Guide

Here’s how you can find your IP address on your Mac laptop or desktop if you don’t know it yet.

1. Select “Network Preferences” after clicking the Wifi menu button. The Wifi menu button can be found in the corner of your computer screen at the top right. You can also use the Apple menu to access the “Network Preferences”.

Click the Apple icon in the top left of the screen and choose System Preferences. The menu for system preferences will now be open. Click the Network tab in it.

2. Choose your Wifi network. It’s in the network settings, left sidebar.

3. Click the “Advanced” button so you can access the Wifi Information Page.

4. Choose the “TCP/IP” tab on the menu (second tab from the left).

5. A series of numbers like is an example of an IP address and yours will appear like this.


Public Vs. Private IP Address

The two types of IP addresses are private and public IP addresses. Your router’s IP address will be the private one and your modem is the public IP address. So, your IP address can be the same as others’ IP addresses.