Bring thousands of TV episodes and movies right into your home, via free channels and paid streaming services using the Roku player. It’s a more cost-effective and convenient way to watch TV. All you have to do is sync it to your TV, access the internet, create a Roku username and password, and start watching all your favorite movies and shows. It comes with a remote control that you can pair with the player. Here’s how.


Pair Roku to IR Remote

There are two types of remote controls that can be connected to Roku players. There’s the enhances Roku remote that you can point anywhere and the standard Roku remote or IR remote. The first type of Roku remote that we will be pairing is the standard IR remote. Here is a step by step guide.

1. Plug the Roku device into the power outlet and TV.

2. Put some batteries in the Roku IR remote. You may be required to use AA mA or AA batteries, depending on what model you have.

3. Push any button on the remote to automatically pair your Roku device to the IR remote. It should be in the line of sight of the Roku device because you’re using an infrared remote. This is to make sure that the Roku device and the IR remote can sense each other.


Connect Roku Enhanced Remote to Your Roku Device

If your Roku device has the Enhanced Remote and Point Anywhere Standard Type, follow these steps below to connect it on the Roku device.

1. Put some batteries on your Enhanced Roku remote.

2. Turn on the Roku player or TV.

3. Near the Roku device, put the Roku remote to automatically pair it.


Reset Your Roku Remote

You might need to reset the pairing if your remote has stopped working all of a sudden. Here’s how to reset your Roku remote.

1. From the power outlet, unplug your Roku player.

2. Remove the Roku remote’s batteries.

3. After 5 seconds, plug in your Roku device again.

4. Replace the batteries in your remote if you already see the Roku logo appearing on your screen.

5. Find the remote pairing screen. If it isn’t showing, use the pairing buttons instead.

6. Press the pairing button and hold it until the pairing light starts to flash, for about 3 seconds or more. The pairing button is located in your battery compartment.

7. Kindly wait for the pairing process to be finished. When the remote has successfully paired, you will see a prompt on your TV.


Location of the Pairing Button

Can’t find the pairing button? Check our guide below.

1. Open the compartment where the Roku remote’s batteries are placed.

2. Look for the button. It’s near the edge of the battery compartment. For the indicator light, it might be placed right beside the pairing button inside the compartment or on the front side of the remote.


Sync the Roku Remote Without The Pairing Button

If you have the standard IR remote, it means that it doesn’t have a pairing button. If you’re experiencing problems with it, you can sync it by removing obstructions that may be blocking the signal from the remote to the streaming device, resetting your remote batteries, or replacing your batteries and get new ones.