In the field of communication, Discord is considered as one of the most popular service providers today. In terms of users, this service provider leaves companies, such as TeamSpeak and Skype, behind because it’s continuously growing.

It has been adopted by gamers around the world and it’s exceptionally intuitive because of its robust and flexible nature. Gamers mostly use discord so that their servers can power up. They also use these bots to communicate among their team members when playing multiplayer games.


What is Discord?

Discord is like a free text chat provided usually for gamers. Other than that, it is already voice-enabled so when you are playing multiplayer games, you just have to turn it on and talk with your teammates. This is compatible with both computers and smartphones.

Compared to TeamSpeak and Skype servers, using Discord is more convenient as you don’t have to pay anything to use it. Other than that, the hassles will be terminated as you don’t have to minimize what you’re playing just to chat with your friends. In other words, Discord will make your life more convenient and simplified.

It is much like a chat app. However, it is more advanced compared to any conventional chat or messaging apps available today. It helps in building groups and various communities that share the same ideas and activities. Discord also enables users to exchange text messages, connect them through voicemail, and employ video to chat.


What is a Discord Server?

Do you know the saying “Birds of the same feather flock together”? Discord server works just like how this saying goes. And, if you are employing the right tools, this saying would be served better.

You can compare a server to a community grouping. This grouping has segregated and segmented rooms, which will be called channels. You can indulge in a chat with another member of a channel, interacting and placing messages just like how conventional messaging apps work.

Other than chatting, you can also open voice interactions using one of these channels so you can speak with others just like how you communicate through a phone call.


What is a Discord Bot?

Now that we have tackled the basics, we will explain what Discord Bots are. They are bots that are only compatible with Discord. Compared to a normal user of any other bots, a Discord bot has much more functionality and simplicity.

You will be able to customize and code your own Bot to make sure that all your personal commands will be obeyed. In other words, Discord Bots could either be a:

  • Music Bot. You can play quality music from iTunes, Youtube, and other music platforms.
  • Chat Bot. This facilitates chatting. It can chat with customers and behave like a human.
  • Moderation Bot. This bot will automatically moderate your server. Other than that, it can also ban, mute, or dispose of members who would try to do unwanted activities on the channel like creating spam.

Generally, Bots are used to help server management in kicking, muting, or disposing of members that employ Bot commands, control spam to make sure it won’t cause harm, spread information across all users in a channel, and play the music that you want.

Other than these advantages, you can also create Webhooks and systems that are not available on Discord. For instance, Levelling Systems. You will get a lot of possibilities when using Discord Bots. Each possibility would depend on what Developer will be built and if it is compatible.


The Best Discord Bots

Discord is the most prolifically and popular chat platform used among the versatile gaming industry. And, as time goes by, it is spreading in other industries as well.

It is imperative that your server would be boosted all year if you have one of the discord bots listed below. There’s a lot of Discord Bots to choose from, that is why we have picked the best ones for you. Here are some of the best discord bots that you can use to power up your server.

 1. GameStats

This Bot is used to analyze, process, and collect the data of gamers who play various types of games from different devices. The stats that it will show are all accurate. Other than that, the stats of the current online players on the server will be shown.

GameStats does not support other VoIP apps and it is programmed to work only on discord servers. You don’t have to worry about bugs as the bot has regular updates so that trending and the latest games can be supported.

 2. Discord Translator

You can add this translation bot on your server to translate different languages used by other members in your server. It can translate over 100 different languages and can quickly recognize them based on the flags attached to each member. You can also customize other language discovery features in it.

This bot encourages cooperation between server members by breaking the language barrier. It will make the Discord server a great channel to talk with each member conveniently and quickly.

 3. Dyno Bot

Dyno bot consists of different commands that can set mute, ban, or kick users from the chat. With its intuitive and simple web dashboard, this bot can be easily customized. You can disable or enable any module, settings for each module, or command. There’s also a soft-ban feature that deletes all messages of a member and bans it. If you want to bring back that member, you can simply unban them as well.

 4. #MEE6

This Discord bot supports users to analyze and modify various parts of your server. It has an intuitive and friendly interface, too. Other than that, you don’t have to worry about moderation because it has an “Auto-Moderator” feature. You can also turn off or turn on mass mentions, emoji spam, annoying caps, and external links from the dashboard.

 5. Zandercraft

If you’re more into the fun part, Zandercraft is a must for your online server. It will add more entertainment and fun to your online server.

This bot focuses more on GIFs, chats, and other entertaining activities. It usually comes together with funny antics, which is really entertaining. It can make a complete change in the environment of your server by making it more entertaining, fun, and attractive.

 6. Pbot

Compared to other bots on this list, this Discord bot is different because it is created to give you a platform that asks funny and dumb questions that have unobvious answers.

This can help all your servers to be more engaged by initiating fun conversations around the server members. You can also make funny entitlements, such as jokes, memes, and gifs to keep you and your members entertained.

 7. Chatty Cathy

This artificial intelligence chatbot can be reached easily by using new commands. Chatty Cathy is powered by AIML or Artificial Intelligence Modelling Languages that is available with a bunch of XML file sets. You can also modify the chat behavior of this bot by adding your own personalized AIML files.

 8. TriviaBot

You can use Trivia Bot in Discord servers to present trivia games on group chats. If offers 24 trivia categories with over 3000 questions that provide endless fun and entertainment.

Also known as the IQ bot, it’s an excellent bot for any Discord server because it adds some competition with entertainment. This Bot will help you and your members do some brain exercises.

 9. Dank Memer

This is the best bot that you should add to your server, especially if you and your members are all interested in memes. It will allow you to share and create memes with your members while enjoying your time using Discord. This would basically an excellent choice for your server because who doesn’t like memes, right?

 10. Rhythm

Rhythm is a type of music bot that provides high-quality music on your server. Like other Discord bots, it has regular updates and it is very easy to use. You can get new features whenever an update is released, which makes it as one of the bots that you should prioritize if you love music.

Since each bot listed provides different types of features, the use of Discord is continuously growing over time. These Discord bots will make your chatting and gaming experience more fun, exciting, and entertaining. If you have two or more servers, then you should have different types of bots to look after each one of them even if you’re offline.