Competitive gaming will be a multi-billion dollar industry in the next few years. Other than that, it could possibly come to the Paris Olympics in 2024. Do you know what is Esports? And, instead of watching football, why do people prefer to watch it more? Read on as we explain why people are watching Esports nowadays.


It can be a form of competitive gaming

If you try to look at it from the outside, the industry of competitive gaming is like it was built around big tournaments, focusing on different team-based online games, such as Overwatch, Fortnite, and Counter-Strike. Typically, these types of tournaments are conducted on nerdy arcades, bars, schools, and large arenas, which are known as a dedicated gaming arena.

People are watching on either these event places or just watch at the live broadcast on social media channels such as YouTube, Twitch, or on major TV networks such as BBC or ESPN.

However, it’s just what you see on the outside. The largest competitive gaming section is actually hidden, just like the bottom of the iceberg. There aren’t just hundreds of small competitive gaming communities, there are thousands of them.

Most of them are focusing on digital card games such as Hearthstone, while others compete for fighting games such as Smash Brothers and Mortal Kombat. Other than that, there are also small competitive gaming communities that play speedruns, which tests how fast a player can finish a single player game.

Some of them are either live streaming their games on YouTube, Facebook Gaming Community, or Twitch, while others are simply talking to other communities using Discord.

Since live streaming has become very accessible and competitive games on the market have become increasingly popular, it is actually hard to define what Esports is. The only thing that we’re sure about is that Esports is also considered as a regular sport like football.


It is like a Real Sport

A lot of people clearly see what are the differences between athletics and gaming. Gaming, like most people think, is just an antisocial and unhealthy habit. But, it is actually hard to look for serious differences between Esports and real sports unless sports are solely defined as “something that happens outside”.

Competitive gamers in Esports are practicing and preparing for their games, just like what real athletes do. They should develop a good posture to avoid hand injuries, such as arthritis and carpal tunnel injury, and develop skills that are related to the sport they chose. Other than that, most gamers have diet restrictions and exercise regimens so their body and mind work efficiently when the tournament comes.

The Esports industry is very social. Just like fans who support football, Esports fans also develop close relationships with one another, even if the only thing they have in common is gaming. Most of these relationships occur in spite of physical, social, and economic boundaries because it is solely based around the internet.

Other than that, Esports generate a lot of money, especially if the game is really popular. In a prediction by Business Insider, the market of competitive gaming will be worth $1.5 billion next year, without including the money that is being used for competitive gaming hardware, such as gaming keyboards and computers. Yes, NFL’s worth is much more than the whole Esports community, but this gap will possibly narrow down as Esports rise over time.

If you’re wondering if you can accept Esports as a real sport, you don’t have to. The general public will always separate athletic sports from Esports even if there’s a possibility that Esports will be included in the Paris Olympics in 2024. For two decades, chess has already been recognized by the Olympics Committee as a sport, but the majority of people still don’t consider it as one.


It appeals to all ages

Most of us think that video games are only for kids. However, this is not true, especially today. The two of the biggest games in Esports, DOTA and Minecraft, appeal to all ages that is why it became very successful and popular. For the same reason, real sports and competitive gaming has become successful.

In a survey conducted by ESPN, it showed that the best hockey, basketball, baseball, and football players are in their 20s and that most of the top-tier gamers in Esports are in their 20s as well.

For a traditional athlete, it is not common to shine on their teenage years or in their 30s or 40s. More adults and kids will find themselves playing in gaming competitions after a couple of years as the National Federation of Highschool Associations is continuously developing teams in High Schools to compete in Esports.

Try to think of baseball. A young fan of baseball will buy merchandise and seriously or casually participate in baseball through programs offered by schools because they want to keep up with the famous players. An older fan of baseball, on the other hand, might keep up with a team, take a coaching role, play with friends, become a host, or be a baseball businessperson.

At the end of the day, however, one group is useless if the other one isn’t present. Young gamers will have nowhere to compete there are no adult gamers. Other than that, if there are no monetary incentives for game practices, athletes won’t be motivated to compete. But, if there are no young gamers, on the other hand, adult fans have nothing to make money off, watch, or invest their time to.


Why not play the game yourself?

There’s nothing worse than watching your brother or your friend play while you are just sitting beside them on the couch. That is why a lot of people ask why can’t they just play the game themselves instead of watching others play it.

But, this same question can be applied to real sports – “why watch a game of football you can play it yourself?”. It’s hard to find a solid answer, right? Maybe you just like to see how professional players perform or you’re just in the position to play any kind of sport. Or maybe you just like to watch sports, period.